Monday, June 17, 2013

People’s Trust Insurance Company provides excellent customer service Florida-wide!

People’s Trust Insurance Company is a homeowners insurance company based in Florida and founded on the values of providing quality customer service. They are unique in that they not only service Florida homeowners but are based only in Florida and have the expertise and personal knowledge of the Florida market and the homes located there. With a mission of redefining the way Florida handles homeowners insurance, People’s Trust Insurance Company is dedicated to helping homeowners in their time of need.

Most importantly, they are there when they are needed. Their Rapid Response Team (RRT) sets them apart from all other homeowner insurance companies. This team is made up of professional contractors in the event of a claim; they’re trusted experts in water, fire smoke and storm restoration. Instead of covering the costs of any fixed damages following a disaster, they actually guarantee fast response and send experts on-site in the event of loss to immediately take care of all damages. This vipGOLD program provides customers with immediate response as well as an additional five percent reduction on their annual premiums. This insurance company prides themselves on working with their customers’ needs and gets them to a place where they can feel comfortable when Mother Nature hits. Formed recently in 2009, the RRT has already successfully completed over 1,000 jobs statewide.
People’s Trust Insurance Company is also well-staffed. With full certified and licensed professionals they have been able to expand quickly. Currently, they have five fully stocked warehouses with quality tools, equipment and supplies as well as Large Hurricane and CAT Inventory including fuel tankers, tarps, roofing materials, plywood and generators. Full time project managers and full technician teams are on-call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to assist customers in any situation where damages have occurred or in the event of a claim. People’s Trust is prepared in the event of any disaster, and will be there before and after the storm.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Floridians First Choice: Peoples Trust Insurance Company

Peoples Trust Insurance Company (PTIC) is what Florida has been waiting for. Finally, Floridians are offered an alternative to other carriers that in most instances will save them money and be able to afford their homeowners insurance.  Unique to People’s Trust is that they offer emergency support in the event a disaster occurs.  

PTIC is run and operated by Floridians for FloridiansThis allows an instant commonality that brings a special sense of community and empathy that is not found elsewhere.  PTIC built their company’s foundation on principles and values that they truly believe in such as the one golden rule; do unto others, as you would like them to do unto you.  Doing the right thing is how this company was built; we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.  

Client testimonials portray just how attentive and prepared Peoples Trust Insurance is to speed up your road to recovery.  After severe water damage, one satisfied customer of said; “What I am mostly grateful for is how much the claims adjuster made my experience less stressful and expedited my claim process.”  We understand that in the event of a claim you just want things to go back to the way they were before.  

“I really appreciated the Rapid Response (no pun intended).  Every call I had to make was returned promptly not only by you but, by all team members.   I was treated with respect, kindness and politeness by all members who were in my home.  The workers were at my house promptly by 9:00 am every day until the job was finished,” said another satisfied and happy customer after processing a claim and having Rapid Response Team repair their home. “To be treated with such respect, while under duress, due to the problem that caused damage to my home, was very comforting and gave me peace of mind.”

All staff at PTIC and the Rapid Reponses Team guarantees exceptional customer care and service.  PTIC promises to take your emergency and make it their priority.  

PTIC and their affiliate construction company, The Rapid Response team have all the resources handy and at their fingertips to make your claims experience as hassle-free as possible.   Both teams are equipped with the staff and a material to bring your life back to it was before the storm or everyday claim.